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Which is the best bios for Asus tuf z690 D4?

Level 7
Hello, good morning. It turns out that the overclock that was stable for 3 months, now the computer restarts under low loads. I have to leave everything stock and the problem is removed (the memory if it is overclocked and no problem), in fact now I have everything stock but the RAM with OC and no problem, which I attribute the problem to overclock my 12700KF, which as I say in his day was perfectly stable (1 hour of handbrake and almost another hour of Cinebech), now with those programs is still stable but the system suffered reboot in games with low load.

The thing is that I want to update the BIOS and then return to the OC profile to see if the problem is solved, but I read horrors about the latest version 1720. I currently have version 1503, which now gives me these little problems with the OC of the CPU.

Users of this board, which BIOS gives the best results and what do you recommend? I just saw that a new one has been released, version 2004, should I go for this one, or should I keep the one I have and put a cmos and enter the profile by hand instead of loading it from the profile list, or should I try another bios version?

Best regards and thanks

Level 13
Different system even with the same model and spec may vary with different result. One person meet is another person poison. I update the bios which having the same board with you for my FIL and did not really have much issue. I dont think such thing like best bios version. Until you update and run it for days.

By the way I updated the latest version 2004 and did not find any issue with that. Once completed the update, please update the Intel ME to the latest version from fellow member MoKiChu ME firmware page below.