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Where to connect Arctic Liquid Freezer III on ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

Level 8


I have a Arctic Liquid Freezer III and I´m using the split wire cable:


And couldn´t decide where to connect VRM (the small RAM fan) and FAN (the raditor fan). The Pump might be connected to AIO_PUMP. The FAN (Radiator) was connected to CPU_FAN and the VRM Fan was connected to CPU_OPT.

The Question is now: do I have connected them correctly in order to allow Q-Fan to maintain them automatically or did it maybe get confused? Currently the device isn´t that silent and I hear some fan noises when in idle.



The Fan 1-4 are connected to the chassis fan, so they couldn´t be used for the AIO currently, if I do not merge some fans together.


Level 7

i have the freezer III 420mm i connected  pump to aio, vrm chassis fan, and fan to cpu. I have a asus strix z790. Still having problems with fan speed. No matter what i set in armoury crate freezer fans and case fans run 100% when temp hit about 75°. Just finished build, still messing with trying to set fan control. even used fixed RPM for my case fans and still spin super fast and loud



75C DTS or the CPU temp reported by Ai Suite/UEFI? If you're reaching 75C as reported by AI Suite / AC then this reading is based on T-CASE. If you're hitting this, you might want to investigate why as this is quite high.

Make sure you don't have multiple tools polling the system at the same time. If the Super IO is being polled by too many tools the fan speeds may spike.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8

Hm, thats a nice info. I send my freezer III back to amazon, because the pump was very loud on the AIO connection point. On the others it was OK, however the cooler was designed to run on the AIO connection port.
The radiator fans itself where super silent, I wasn´t able to hear them. But the pump was very annoying and I tried everything which I was able to find.

At the moment I´m back on Air Cooling 😕

My pump is loud but now set in bios to lower settings at temp below 60° then it ramps up. Was thinking about returning mine. There are a lot of people who say they have loud pumps on their freezer III.