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What is the purpose of a GPU lock?

Level 9
Can anyone explain to me what is the purpose of a GPU lock? I've always thought it was so when the card or riser cable is inserted the lock is there so you can't pull it out without releasing the lock,

Either I'm stupid or ASUS techs are incompetent as this is the idiotic reply I got over 4 RMA's on my Z690 Extreme. "Our technician tested the motherboard and the riser card together, and they worked fine with no issue; unless you try to pull it out."


I swear this is the stupidest and most incompetent support I've ever dealt with

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Making two threads is spamming? If so they why don't ya ban me. 



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You can always pull it out if you want to, lock or not. The slots are a firm enough fit that the GPU will stay in place anyway - assuming it's properly mounted and not being transported. The main idea is really just so that it doesn't get dislodged accidentally. It's not designed to make it impossible to remove, just a bit of extra security. To make it truly secure, it would need to be bolted or screwed down to the motherboard. However, that wouldn't be great either. A major shock would then just rip out a hole in the motherboard with GPUs being so heavy nowadays. Better than it can release in that scenario and hopefully everything survives.

Personally, I'm more concerned about sag which can damage the connector and I'd say that's far more important than the 'lock'. If I was transporting a PC, think I'd just remove the GPU to play it safe - or at least have the PC laying flat so that the GPU is vertical and not flexing the PCIe connector.
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As was already made abundantly clear in the other thread that was locked: The problem is with your riser cable. The "foot" on your riser that the lock grabs onto is the wrong shape. BUT, you do not need to lock a riser anyway. It is not load bearing. If you are putting enough stress on a riser to cause it to pull out of the slot then you are simply putting too much stress on the riser and will eventually damage it.

Unless you can demonstrate that a GPU inserted directly into the slot cannot lock, then the problem is not with your motherboard. Further exchanges will not change reality. Stop abusing the RMA system. Stop spamming the forum when people have already tried to help you and you refuse to test the slot with something else.
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Making two threads is spamming? If so they why don't ya ban me. 



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