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Weird WIFI vs Ethernet issues

Level 7

Not sure where to ask this but I will try here.  Just built a new computer with a Z790-e motherboard.  I9-13000 processor.  All seems well (although I did have an issue with the 1303 bios and had to go back to 1202.)

When connecting to usung any of several web browsers while connected via ethernet cable i get to the Pandora blue screen and logo and it will not get further.  Tried the troubleshooting steps cleared cache etc and no change.  However if I disable ethernet and access via WiFi all works normally.

I really do not know where this sort of issue could be due to.  Not sure if it has anything to do with the motherboard.  

Even updated the Lan driver to drivers from Intel which were several months newer with no change.





Hello sc204,

I came across a Pandora diagnostic check, maybe it will pick something up as to why it's not loading with ethernet.

 Pandora - Troubleshooting Diagnostic

Level 7

 Hadn't come across that one.  Thanks.  I actually contacted Pandora and they were pretty responsive and made a few suggestions.  The one that worked and I still don't know why was to plug my Lan connection into my Deco Mesh router instead of my verizon router.  It worked but interestingly the Deco is plugged into the Verizon router just like the computer was.  So verizion router to Deco router to computrer works well????