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Usb-c doesn't work on 790-h

Level 7

I'm experiencing some issues with my 790-H motherboard and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

My case is a segotep with the usb-c front connect 2x2. I noticed it no longer works. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it till after I did a bunch of updates including the 1808 bios update. Reverted the bios back and still no luck. Reseated the connector...nothing.

Tested the other ports and noticed the usb-c connector to the left of the NIC on board doesn't work either. However, the one below the NIC does work. Tested in bios and it is the same so it is not a windows driver issue. Tried various bios and still nothing. Called support and they are willing to RMA it but thought I'd check here as I don't want to tear apart everything and re thermal everything.

Anyone ever seen only usb-c ports not work?