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Updating the BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding Intel ME version

Level 8

The latest BIOS 1220 for my ROG STRIX B760-A Gaming includes an Intel ME update as well. This is an improvement on the previous system of ME updates and BIOS updates being separate. It would be nice to see this continued with future BIOS releases.


Level 8


my new board TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI is coming in soon. I was wondering if you would advise to install Windows first, install the driver and then proceed with the BIOS update 1220 since it will also update Intel ME firmware. It feel kinda unintuitive since from what I am gathering, you usually want to do the BIOS update first on new build, but since it is explicitly mentioned that you need to have the latest Intel ME firmware I am confuse in what order I should proceed.

Also, any idea where I could gather feedback on this new BIOS update? Is it a BETA release or genuinely improve your experience?

Thank you in advance for your feedback,


You should install the driver first, and then the BIOS/ME update. Version 1220 is not a beta. I have not seen any issues with it but I find the B760 A Gaming overall is a stable and reliable platform. You are on a Z790 board so this may or may not entirely apply to you.

Level 9

I have the Z790 DDR 5 version and I installed Windows 11 first, then Intel ME engine then Bios 1205, then updated to Bios 1220.

Had to go into bios and set ram to XMP I setting.  No issues


Level 8


Thank you all for the reply! It is truly appreciated!

With much love,