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Undervolting 14900k + Z790 hero

Level 7

Hey guys! I'm pretty new to undervolting/ Overclocking so I'd like some suggestions to undervolt my system:

i9 14900K

Asus Rog Ryujin III 360mm

ThermalRight contact frame

Asus Rog Maximus z790 Hero

4x G.skill  128 GB 6400mhz running at 5200mhz

RTX Msi 4090 Gaming Trio

Corsair Hx1000

NZXT H9 Flow

Crucial T700 Gen 5 2T

Right now my Bios is set to  XMP 1 6400 MHZ,  clock at 5200 mhz and I disable MCE: Enforce all limits because my cpu was throttling after a few seconds in Cinebench R23. The result with limits enable was about 39-41K sometimes and temps hitting 100-102 Degrees and with MEC disabled it gets 37k and the temps don't go over 75-78 degrees. Is there a way I can just keep my temps from hitting 100+ degrees without losing much performance? I tried Intel XTU but couldn't get a good result. Could someone point out some settings from the bios I could tweak to get the best performance with the lowest temps possible? Thanks in advance!


Level 7

Hi, good setup, but 4 ram is not good, because you can't activate the xmp profile. If you can change them, get the 2x48 / 2x96 pair, but always only a pair of two and not four.

For the bios setup, I recommend that if you haven't already done so, update to the latest version 1801 which is stable, I have it on my z790 extreme.

Instead, for the setup you have to load the Load default profile first, so you reset, then set these parameters:

 Ai Overclock Tuner [XMP Tweaked]
 ASUS MultiCore Enhancement [Auto – Lets BIOS Optimize]
 Performance Core Ratio [AI Optimized]
 Efficient Core Ratio [AI Optimized
 Global Core SVID Voltage [Adaptive Mode]
        - Offset Mode Sign [-]
        - Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage [Auto]
        - Offset Voltage [0.07500]

Obviously you can't use the xmp profile in your case at the moment due to the 4 banks of RAM. While to tame the temperatures of the processor it is important that the Global Core SVID Voltage is in adaptive mode with negative offset. start with 0.75, if necessary you can increase or decrease, until you find stability.

Then test with OCCT on Windows, checking the values ​​with HWinfo or similar

Is there anything just for undervolting, I don't want to overclock as the i9 14900k already gets pretty toasty. 

Yes. You can apply a negative offset via Global Core SVID Voltage. Set adaptive mode and then apply a negative voltage offset, which is applied to the entire VID table.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Thank you, appreciate the help. 

Hello, I have done exactly this and still have a total temperature of 100 degrees in cinebench r23 in some runs and sometimes the total temperature is okay but individual cores get too hot until the performance is limited. Can you help me?


Asus z790 a gaming wifi 2
corsair h150i link 360mm aio
2 x 4tb 990pro
7x corsair qx 120mm
be quiet dark power pro 13 1300w
corsair corsair titanum 6600 mt/s


as described above
pl1 & pl2 = 253w
icc max 400a

i also have a thermal grizzy contact frame installed with kryonaut extreme

Level 10

Maybe I am more lucky on my 14900K.  I am able to hit 41680 on R23.  Temp: 70C. 

My setup is Corsair H170i with Push  and Pull.   I only have 32MB of ram (16x2).   7200MHz oc to 7400.  I manually set AI cooler score to 177. 

My setup is Multicore: No Limit.  AI Optimize.  Best Case Scenario.  TVB + 10, and LL5 (for stabilization).  Ai Overclock Tuner [XMP Tweaked]

Thank you Shinchan 0125,
I used your settings, now it works better than before, I get the same results on Cinebanch but without ever having Thermal Throttling. Also the fans run less because the CPU temperatures are lower. It stabilized my load voltages.
So now I am using these settings on my i9 13900K, Rog Strix LCII 360 argb AIO, DDR5 Corsair vengeance 7200 mhz (2X16):
Ai Overclock Tuner: XMP Tweaked
ASUS MultiCore Enhancement: Enabled - Remove All limits
SVID Behavior: Best -Case Scenario
Performance Core Ratio: AI Optimized
Optmized AVX Frequency: Normal Use
Efficent Core Ratio: AI Optimiezed
Digi+ VRM
    -> CPU Load-line Calibration: Level 5
Thermal Velocity Boost:
    -> Overclocking TVB Global Temperature Offset Value: +10
AI Features:
    -> Cooler Efficiency Customize: User Specify
    -> Cooler Score: 177
BCLK Aware Adaptive Volgate: Auto
Actual VRM Core VOltage: Auto
Global Core SVID Voltage: Auto
High Dram Voltage Mode: Enabled
I can't overclock the ram beyond the specification of 7200mhz. If I set 7400mhz they give me error on memtest, instead at 7200mhz no problem with OCCT with full night test. What ram do you own?

Level 10

This is my memory: g.skill F5-7200J3445G16GX2-TZ5RK overclock to 7400.  Pass Memtest 86 4 pass.