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Undervolting 14900K on ASUS HERO Z790 .. please HELP .. super noob here

Level 7
Greetings all .. i hope i can find some answers that could help me
before anything am totally noob when it comes to doing anything to BIOS
i just came from a PC with 3090 asus strix with 12700K on an ASUS STRIX Z690 A and 32 Corsair ram 3600
things were working like dream with no issues at all .. nothing i saw or heared of at least
Decided to make the Ultimate upgrade and Boom .. things went downhill so fast
My new PC specs : 4090 suprim x with 14900k on an ASUS Z790 HERO MAXIMUS .. PSU is 1650 thermaltake GF3 .. CPU cooler CORSAIR i170 Capllex Elite
CASE Has 6 fans as intake " front and side " and 4 exhaust "" 3 on radiator and one in back "
PC runs cold most of time with no issues ..
clean installed windows 11 and started to face all kinds of issues from crashing to freezes
turns out " am not sure though "
that i have an issue from CPU doing something that keeps getting GPU crashes on some games
specially ones with DX12 or the ones that has shader cashes building before game " Hogwart legacy and THE FINALS for example "
i run stock BIOS settings and the latest BIOS that came out
tried everything to fix this
Fresh install windows and all drives
Updated everything i have on my pc
still no use ... and seems like the ONLY possible thing i can do is undervolting the CPU to see if i get anything better
tried the CINABENCH once on stock and oh boy did i get some reds with THROTTLES and stopped doing that afraid to cause more damage
i tried to install the INTEL EXTREME UTILITY but it seems not doing undervolting anymore
so the only way now is through BIOS sadly
my CPU has a frame on it with Arctic mx4 thermal paste from around 2 months ago so still new
so what i am seeking now is Opinions about all this mess happening
and if anyone has a real - step by step - guide on how to undervolt the 14900k on an ASUS motherboard Bios
" sorry am really teribble when it comes to doing those things "
and if someone has some visual recent guide that would be appreciated

Super Moderator

Hello @samurai_X 

Building shader cache can be extremely CPU intensive, it's not uncommon for this to topple overclocks if they're conditional.

Is XMP enabled?

Is the CPU Contact Frame correctly installed?

1. Clear the UEFI

2.   Disable Multi-Core Enhancement (MCE)


3. Run Cinebench CR20 and inspect temperatures in HWinfo.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

my first testes were done with XMP not turned on .. it was on auto

i dont know about the frame since it was done by a specialist who built my whole new pc so i can assume he done it right

i just did one test with the disable enforce all limits and it seems that i got one crash on startup of windows .. 

should i just do default settings of bios then try that enforce all ?? would that  alone fix the overvoltage ?

If you’re crashing at complete optimised defaults I’d wager the frame has something to do with, or at least the socket.

Try setting SVID behaviour to Intel Failsafe.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

ill take this into consideration although its not likely to be the case since again .. it was done by a specialist who connected eveything and did nice cable managment .. i doubt he would fail in this last step .. BUT it will be something to check indeed if every other solution fails .. right now PC working fine when booting to windows  .. i cant check temperatures and stuff due single screen .. the problem with DIRECTX12 games shader builing crashes still happening .. everywhere i keep reading multi " BIOS/INTEL 14TH gen " causes for this 

i really need to do a decent downvolt that i cant do without a good either visual or step by step guide into asus motherboards

Do underclock your E cores maybe P cores see if thats helps 😉 

sadly i have no idea how to do that am afraid T-T

Why would you want to undervolt if you’re not stable at stock? Who installed the frame is irrelevant if the system isn’t stable at defaults. Perhaps you should ask them to investigate seeing as they’re the system integrator? Other suggestions are likely to send you up the garden path. Check stability with MCE disabled.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8

UEFI>ADVANCED TAB > SCROLL DOWN you see P core "ratio" set them to all cores example 5500mhz and e cores 4300mhz 

Thank you .. ill try that and see how things work

still hoping someone doing a full guide of how to undervolt the 14900