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Tuff Gaming Plus WiFi i9 -14900k / Corsair 64gbs ( 6k)

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  Built a new PC after having i7-4790  ( something like that ) for 11 years , 

New PC :

Case : Phanteks Enthos Pro Tempered Glass

 Mobo : Asus Tuff Gaming Plus wiFi ( up to 5600 , for ram speed ) found that out  later  ! Bios - 09/xx/2023

CPU - i9 -14900k  ( not over clocked )

Ram - Corsair 2x 32 gb , 6000k

Aio - Corsair H150i  Elite ( 3 Fans)

GPU- Gigabyte 3060 12gb ( ver. 2) 

PSU- Corsair RM 850x

C: WD ( black ) 500 gb

Samsung EVO 2 TB  (Slave ) for main games .

Samsung EVO 1 TB ( from old machine , now a slave ).

Aliexpress 4TB ( Slave , storage with Aliexpress air cooler ).  I did try use that 1st for maiin drive,, but kept crashing . figure it was getting hot to run W10.

So that's my list that I having running at this time . So, I was getting BSOD's , and that not enough memory pop up !

So far as of now I haven't crashed past 5 days while playing COD , MW2 , MW3 , few other MMRPG as well.  What I figured out was that I go in to bios turn down ram speed from 6000 , to 5600 per mobo specs, even though I asked a  salesmen from Micro Center what is the most stable Corsair ram for this board, he said Corsair 32gb 6k speed.

Still crashed at 5600, oh yea XMP profile is off now.  So I again go back to bios to ram to 4k , no crashed for 5 days .  COD would crash , kept getting missing files , verifying blah blah constanstly ! No its ok so far.

Did play as well for 3 hrs .  Immortals of Auvem , no crashes at highest vidow.

I think thats it , besides updating bios help me for the ram to go to 5600 per mobo specs ?

anyway,, ty  any info would  help...


Level 7

Check which RAM slots you put your RAM in. If your motherboard has 4 DIMM slots, then the faster DIMM slots are usually A2 and B2. Check your motherboard manual to see which slots should be used.

Also, Asus BIOS puts too high voltage on the IMC and SA if you run at higher RAM speeds.

Manually set the SA voltage to default (I use Offset mode, minimum value 0.001). Final value should be about 0.9V.
Manually set the Memory Controller voltage to about 1.15V or 1.2V

Also there are some settings for power limits you should set for a 14900K:
Asus Multi Core Enhancement: Disabled - Enforce All Limits
PL1 power limit: 253W
PL2 power limit: 253W
ICCMax: 307A

Whilst due to signal IO variation between CPU and memory kits manual tuning may sometimes need to deviate from auto ruling, these rails are based on worst case scenario. Please try not to make sweeping statements, as they’re set this way for a reason. 

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

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Whats the model of your motherboard?  

If the max supported memory speed of your motherboard is 5600 then that might be an issue. 

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Hi @PwrPak 

1. Please list your memory kit part number

2. 5600MT is the fastest speed Intel support in a one DIMM per channel configuration on a one slot per channel motherboard (two slots).

Four slot boards the maximum is 5200MT in one DIMM per channel. Any speeds beyond this are considered an overclock and are subject to variation between parts.




Firstly, I would attempt to run XMP II profile and see if the behaviour persists.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090