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TUF Z690 with Creative Katana speaker problems/puzzle.

Level 13
Hi, I am having this puzzle for a while and I cannot figure out the solution. I got a unit of Creative Katana speaker system as a gift and I decided to try it out with bluetooth connection to the TUF Z690. Strange enough I cannot connect via bluetooth.

1. I can connect Creative katana to TUF Z690 with USB, Optical and audio jack but not BT.
2. Z690 BT cannot connect to my AKG headset, samsung phone and smart watch with BT.
2. Creative can connect BT to my DAC, Samsung phone and Iphone.

But just cannot connect Z690 to Creative katana speaker. Both Z690 and creative katana recognized the connection. Windows 11 also shown connected. But just no sound. Anyone know what it cause and able to provide me with solution.

Thank you.

MoKiChU wrote:

From Sound BlasterX Katana support page :

Thank you MoKiChU, you come in the right time. Finally my puzzle solved. Kudos to you. Rep+.

Level 13