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TUF Z690 D4 - Disabling Ecores lowers single core performance?

Level 7

Ever since BIOS 2004 or 2204 (can't remember), when I disable e-cores in BIOS my single core takes a 76 point hit in CPU-Z and a 6-7,000 points lower in Cinebench (not using the multicore bench btw).

Did I install something in the wrong order with ME Firmware/driver? It's an issue that's persisted smultiple BIOS and ME updates, and the last one I followed the steps in order listed in the forum's guide.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this? DF shows Last of Us having worse performance if Ecores are enabled and I don't use them for any background tasks regardless.


Level 7

Why do you disable e cores? That's, with respect, is just stupid

You obviously didn't read the whole post or you'd understand why. Idiot.

The only idiot here is you, to disable %30 of a CPU power for one game. Go back playing your last of us

Whatever you say, mental midget.