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TUF Gaming Z790-Pro WIFI system boot issue

Level 7

I need some help with a new PC I've built with a TUF Gaming Z790-Pro WIFI board. Unfortunately, the system does not boot properly. When I switch it on, the red CPU LED lights up and directly off again, then the yellow RAM LED lights on, but stays on for about 20 seconds before going off again. The boot process then stops. If I force switch off the machine and then on again, the process starts again in the same way, 20 seconds yellow light, but then white and green and the system boots to the BIOS start screen with a notice about an error in POST and prompts me to press F1 to go into BIOS. If I just exit out of the BIOS then, the operating system boots normally. However, I cannot soft reboot, trying that starts the whole process again from the start. The long yellow LED phase leads me to think that it might be something with the RAM. The RAM sticks are installed in slot 2 and 4 as instructed by the manual. The RAM I'm using is certified by ASUS for the board according to their website.

Do I need to change something in BIOS I do not know about?

I'd be grateful for any advice

The main board also identifies my DDR5-6800 RAM as DDR5-4000 only, any ideas about that?


Level 8

Boots behavior seems ok. But is this happening with default settings or any overclock etc? What is boot order in bios set?