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Tuf Gaming Z790-Plus D4 Win11 startup glitch

Level 7
This issue is just merely an inconvenience but as it's the ONLY issue with a new build I figured I would ask in case others have seen it. Complete new build with the exception of my 64gb RAM and RTX 3090. Plugged the boot SSD in and Win11 Pro took all of 1 minute to figure out it was a new system, update/change what it needed to, and has been running flawlessly ever since (I did load all the latest Asus drivers/infs/etc). When I 1st boot up it goes to the Win Login Screen to enter my code, shows the time but no code entry box, and the mouse cursor is there and moveable. The issue is to bring up the code box you need to left-click the mouse and it does nothing. Moves fine but clicking, no response. Hold the Power button to get it to shut down, reboot, and all is well... I have nothing external running in the TM/Startup that would effect it, and both the mouse and KB (USB) are plugged into powered USB Hubs (same one). Any ideas?

Hello Patricks

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Did you do a fresh windows install?

It's recommended to do a fresh windows install when upgrading your motherboard to avoid any driver conflicts.

Level 13

ahfoo wrote:
Try disable fast startup in windows 11. It may related.

Thanks for the responses guys. I know a clean Win11 install is always best but in this case Win11 did very well in taking care of the different aspects of this system by itself. I may end up (at some point) doing a fresh installation but as this tiny little inconvenience is the only issue, it's not worth doing, especially not knowing if that will cure it. Fast Startup is disabled, both in BIOS and Win11.

Level 13
I suspect some driver issue which play no small part in causing the issue. Please check your device driver detail again. If driver or hardware issue. Agree with you that no matter how many times you reinstall windows 11, if you dont get it right and correct driver install, the problems will not solved.