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TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS WIFI II - CPU Support list issue?

Level 7

I was looking at the CPU supported area of the TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS WIFI II, and I think there is a issue.

It lists all of 14th gen as validated since Bios version '1205', but not only is the board not on the market 'Yet', but no such bios for that board exists yet.

Shouldn't that board support all of 14th gen by default? So 1205 should be changed to' All' since its by default? Ive reported this issue 2 times in discord, and hoping it gains traction here.


Level 12

Hi, it seems that the cpu/memory support list corresponds to the first version of this card that they copied onto this support. this version II card came out of the factory compatible with the 14th generation processor (I do not recommend the i9 on this card but rather on a more high-end card)
So its first release bios version 0603 is already compatible. Its latest bios is version 1612.

Indeed, but the support page for that particular board should be labeled as 'all' then to avoid confusion.