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Trying to find the place to set a static voltage for CPU in BIOS (Apex Encore Z790)

Level 7

Hey everyone, I am new to ASUS motherboards and I am not clear as to which parameter I need to adjust so I can set a static voltage.

In the BIOS I see parameters called "Global Core SVID Voltage", "CPU System Agent Voltage" and "CPU Input Voltage". But its not clear in the BIOS manual which parameters I would want to set manually for a static voltage.

I have disabled SpeedStep, TVB, SpeedShift and only have "Turbo" mode enabled. Not sure if this information will be a factor in choosing the correct parameter to adjust.

Also to be clear, the "Performance Core Ratio" set to "Sync All Cores" and "ALL-Core Ratio Limit" to whatever frequency value you want will ensure all cores receive the same static frequency?