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Thunderbolt Support is Lacking....

Level 7

Although it is apparent that all ROG and ASUS Intel 600-700 Series Motherboards have serious Onboard Thunderbolt Hardware Issues, rendering the Onboard Thunderbolt 3/4 Functions completely useless. But, it seems that this is more or less being IGNORED by Asus and the likes, as the Thunderbolt Drivers on the Asus Support Site still remain to be TWO YEARS OLD. After hundreds of very kind, and amazingly patient requests/complaints and follow-up that lead nowhere with seemingly very minor Asus Support Follow-up, why is this issue still being ignored..? It is quite shocking that Asus cannot step up and at least own up that the Bios Update is the cause, as it seems.  That being, if it needs a REMINDER: BIOS Updates after 1202 renders Mobo ONBOARD Thunderbolt Functionality useless, to the point now, it is MISSING even, on Device Manager. Perhaps Asus can step it up, and either explain their Lack of Concern in this Situation, or Fix the Issue at hand. Here us 'Thousands of Dedicated Asus Followers' Sit, with our Back Up Drives, Thunderbolt Docks, etc. sit idle, patiently thinking something is going to happen, but Have We Been Had...?? Is Thunderbolt 3/4 Support now Obsolete on Asus Motherboards completely. OR, Do We Give Up, is this what Asus Intends and Wants....Should We Go Away...?

Please, Advise us Asus, as we would like to move on with OUR LIVES...perhaps you might at least Say Yes or NO...??? Thanks....Gritting/Tounge in Cheek...Errr...I want to say more, but I will be banned...Ahem....!! ;/