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There is a serious problem with the INTEL raid

Level 7
When a RAID10 disk consisting of four NVME SSDs and a RAID 10 disk consisting of four SATA hard disks are present at the same time, the BIOS system cannot automatically boot to all systems, resulting in a black screen, including booting all external devices and boot selection in the BIOS. You can only manually select Boot by pressing F8 during the self-test

The Z690 Strix A Wireless D4, Z790-E, Z790HERO all have this problem

Presumably, all Z690 and Z790 have this problem

The Z690 2004BIOS does not boot after and does not exist in the pre-1703 BIOS

Level 7
About not being able to boot into the system
This problem has been communicated with ASUS China's after-sales technical department.
Their tests also confirmed that this problem occurs