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Strix z790-a gaming D4

Level 7

So I thought I would start over since no one said a word and is ASUS. So I bought a new Strix Z790-a gaming d4. Now using one stick or 4 with CPU and 4090 or Amd 580 would not boot just like 3 beeps. I had to take out 4090 or Amd 580 Change it from X16 to x8/8x and then booted fine. Now in searching and asking for help it was just the board but that comes from out side Asus or its working fine. Huh? So I swapped it got the one today. 

Haha..sorry. Well the memory 4 sticks worked great on the other z790 -a gaming d4 but the new one only two not 4 not 3. Not in A1 or A2. So stick in 2 memory with CPU and 4090 and? Booted fine at X16. Odd because I was old the old one was fine. Because the 1st PCEI slot shares that x16 with the 1st M2. Ok but both times I Just had memory  and GPU/CPU. So haha...its swap for the 3rd time or stick with 32g memory and X16 (I was only using 64 because a friend gave me what he was not using).  Yeah said 3rd time. See Asus sent one that had a sticker saying it was D4 yet the box and board was the Z790-gaming D5. So I sent it back. 

I did a test with my 4090 X8 Gen4 and more then once 66fps 4k. New board everything the same but X16. This time 75fsp. Unless the game was CPU bound X8 vs x16 for me is never 1-3 fps different. You read "its the same no diff just 1-3fps different". 

So lol.. wow so its stick to x8 64mem or X16 32mem. No expert but been doing this longer then most of Asus tech support. Yeah a tad old.  Oh yeah updated bios reset it. 1st board would not even boot with a OLD AMD 580. Never got to try the D5 version I don't have DDR5 memory. So what did we learn. I don't know if that M2 tied to the PCIE 1st slot is the problem. Other boards that do not do this work great.