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strix z690 itx S/PDIF optical audio intermittently cutting out ALC4080

Level 7

Hello good people,

I got this strix z690 itx mobo for my new pc build in December, 2023, and since day one I have been suffering from the audio issue with the S/PDIF optical audio output which intermittently cuts out (with a slight pop sound) during audio or video playback (local & streaming) for a 0.5-1 second and then return to normal, for a 60 second video this could occur for over 30 times at least. 

The audio goes into an external FIIO DAC (k9 pro) which I have tested over and over and had absolutely no issues with other devices, and USB audio output from the z690 itx board also has zero issues, just the optical S/PDIF output. 

I read about some existing complaints about the ALC4080 chipset here and this feels to me might also be due to this issue.

About my device:

Strix z690 itx (on the latest bios 3302 released on 02/22/2024), previous bios also had the same issue.

14700k with a slight OC, before & after OC the problem persisted, so this should not be the cause. 

Updated the ALC4080 firmware using the "ALC4080/ALC4082 audio FW update tool" released on 12/09/2021 under the download section for strix z690i, the current version is 4.501.0000-0007.0000 (tool ver. 2.61.85).


I did notice that ASUS released additional updates for other mobo models with ALC4080 but none of those worked on my pc, as the audio IC can not be detected. Below is an example.


I tried to update the Realtek drivers using 6.3.9600.2376 & 6.3.9600.2355 provided by @MoKiChU but the issue persisted. 


I have also switched optical cables, didn't help either.

I am now running the audio through usb, which is working just fine. However, I have other audio sources that I intend to use with the only usb port on this DAC and I would very much love to have the S/PDIF working on the z690i board just like on my old asrock x399 taichi board. 

Please help me...Thanks in advance!