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Strix Z690-E audio not swapping to headphones when plugged in

Level 9

Like the title says, when I plug my headphones in the front of my case, the audio is not switching from the speakers to the headphones.  The speakers get quieter, but still play with headphones plugged in  The system is detecting the input, it's just not switching over to headphones exclusively.  I looked all through software, everything appears to be set where it's supposed to.  I'm just using a plain ol' pair of Logitech Z130 stereo speakers.  They are self powered, and I have them plugged into the lime green jack on the back of the mobo, as specified by the manual.  I installed the latest audio drivers available from the ASUS mobo website.  I do not have Armory Crate installed, as I find it to be bloated and very buggy.  So I hope there isn't a newer driver offered via Armory Crate, than what's listed on the ASUS site??   As an experiment, I unplugged my Logitech speakers, and setup a small bluetooth speaker as my default system speakers.  With the PC playing sound through the bluetooth speaker, if I plug in my headphones, the audio swaps over like it is supposed to.



Intel 13900K

STRIX ROG Z690-E Bios v2703

64GB G.Skill RipJaws DDR5 6400


Samsung 990 Pro 1TB nvme OS

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB X2 game/scratch drives

8TB WD Black 7200RPM storage drive

Corsair 1000w Gold rated power supply

Windows Version 11, 22H2 Build 22621.2134




Level 9

Still no resolution.   Onboard audio is disabled in Bios, and I'm using a dedicated sound card, thanks to this little adapter since the GPU covered up the PCIE x1 slot.



Level 9

One at a time folks please!  The response is overwhelming, I can't keep up.