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SPDIF output

Level 7

I'm wondering if anyone can provide some clarification on the SPDIF optical out for sound.  When I switch my Logitech autio system over to optical input I don't get any sound from my Z790-E Gaming WiFi II board.  I currently DO have wired speaker connections plugged in and I guess I need to unplug those to see if the system will switch over to the optical out.  Can anyone confirm that this is what I need to do?


Level 7

OK, I've been reading a ton about getting sound set up on SPDIF output.  I plugged in an optical cable and I have the red glow and get STEREO sound only.  I cannot find anywhere that I can set a speaker arrangement with the optical out.  Realtek Audio Control shows no speaker configuration when in the Optical Out mode.  Windows 11 shows no speaker configuration at all.  Nowhere can I find a way to set 5.1 configuration when in Optical Out mode!

Does anyone have info or ideas?  I'd like to get the optical output working but not if I can only use stereo mode when I have a 5.1 speaker setup.