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Small issues - Z790E

Level 8

Good day everyone.

I'm having some small issues with my Z790-E + 13900K build, nothing showstopping but annoying nonetheless.


System specs:

Windows 11Pro 64bit

Motherboard Z790-E Wifi Gaming - BIOS 0816

CPU Intel I9 13900K

Graphic MSI 3060TI Dual

Memory Kingston KF560C36-16 (on the approved list I see either KF560C36BBEK2 or KF560C36BBEAK2, I don't know if it's the same, the XMP values are the same...)

Corsair AIO ML360 whose fan and light leads are connected to the MB directly, while a simple hub controls all other 4 case fans through the MB ARGBs and fan connectors


On to the issues:

1) I cannot disable the motherboard logo LED in shutdown, every time I set the BIOS control to "always off" it resets to "Aura only" the moment I hit F10

- I made a BIOS reset when I updated it, and everything worked great until I started trying to downvolt the CPU to keep the temps under control, maybe something went wrong one of the times I loaded default settings...I'll see what can I do.


2) When I restart the system I can't see the BIOS startup page, it goes straight to Windows and if I try spamming the DEL button the system hangs and I must force a reset

- I tried to disable fast startup both in BIOS and on Windows, I must confess I'm losing my mind on the continuous changes MS is doing on the control panel and I may have missed something on the latter (I found three different walkthroughs - and I mean TOTALLY DIFFERENT - of which none worked, I couldn't land on the referenced pages until I tried mixmatching two of them and finding a page similar to the old Win10 one..........).


3) I'm trying to get rid of Armory Crate and all connected services, and while fan controls can be done through BIOS the only good ARGB alternative I can find is SignalRGB, that on my system shows a BIG memory leak (something like 6GB used after 15 minutes.....), and I can't find anything useful on the interwebs.

- I know there are other ARGB controllers around, but either they are proprietary or very limited in device support (i.e. OpenRGB cannot find my memory sticks), and SignalRGB shows everything from the start and can control the memory LEDs separately, just what I like.


4) I'm partially deaf after a child hear infection some (50) years ago, I found the amplify level on the Realtek panel and I'm satysfied by the extreme setting...but it keeps reverting to performance at every startup

- It's not a big deal to reopen the control panel and set it back to extreme, but is there a way to keep it sticking to what I NEED (not even want)? To keep things in perspective, even at extreme I must keep the audio level at 70-80% destroying a hearphone every 6-12 months....don't make me start a rant about all these "child prevention measures"!!! And to answer a possible question, I already used Mokichu latest driver setup.


I must say, overall the system is great and shows no other issues, I had a couple graphic hang-ups using a very old game thay I may have resolved updating the GPU drivers but other than that just the BSODs while setting the undervolting, now I can hit 40000 on Cinebench without overclocking (almost useless on this type of CPUs) and temps stable around 85 degrees.


Any thoughts about all that?

Thanks in advance.