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Set default RGB outside Armoury Crate

Level 8

I'm not meaning like how to change and modify my lighting effects with different software or something. I am specifically referring the THE DEFAULT RGB signal the motherboard is outputting. Regardless of what I set my RGB as with whatever software at an OS level, when I shut down the PC, in initially resets to the original default RGB setting on power up, until it reaches the desktop. So, I end up with the ugly rainbow unicorn puke initially before the software reverts it back to my chosen color.

I want to change that initial default, so my PC remains on a specific color at all times, whether I'm just powering on, in the BIOS, or at the desktop. I can run all my fans/case lighting/RGB accessories through a controller, so they stay on my chosen color, but the MOBO, which controls all integrated hardware (RAM, GPU, Polymo), always reverts to the factory default initially. If I sync my controller to MOBO, then ALL RGB initially reverts to the stupid rainbow default at first.

Honestly, I don't care if I keep the controller setting other accessories, or it synced to MOBO, just as long as i can get it to permanently stay a uniform color, that also never changes to rainbow, not temporarily. The motherboard obviously has the capability of retaining a certain color/effect, and can remember when to be on/off, or to stay off. So, how do I get that default to be an appropriate color. It would literally be as simple as a color setting in BIOS that would completely solve this issue amd frustration for a huge amount of people, and greatly improve and simplfy RGB setup/customization. I can't seem to find such a setting, though. If there isn't one, that seems like literally one of the biggest fails and oversight I could imagine, if a $700 board can't remember how to turn on a LED. My MOUSE PAD can remember a sinple light color, but an entire motherboard somehow can't manage?

This is actually a HUGE deal. For the money this stuff costs, and the amount of lighting and customization that is (supposed to be) included, and I literally can't change a color?


Level 10

Hello everyone

Baggus, unfortunately, I can't give u an answer to ur question, since I have a similar / the same problem like u.

In my case, I want to change the RGB of the ASUS GPU (4090 Strix OC) , ASUS CPU cooler  (LCII 360)  and also the Gskill RAMs.
This means on startup (like in ur case) and also in Windows. Simply change the RGB to totally off or a permanent color (green).
Not the rainbow-disco on everything from start to finish.

I will NEVER install Armory Crate or a similar overloaded Bloat-Program, that only causes thousands of folders, errors and tons of entries everywhere. NEVER!

Is there a PORTABLE Program or a BIOS setting to set this ONE TIME and good?
I know there are other programs like OpenRGB, etc. but It not solves the startup and its not PORTABLE either.

Does someone have or know a PORTABLE Program, that can be used 1x to change the RGB and done?
I dont want a program installed and running on autostart, etc.

Baggus, if u get any new info on this, please let me know, ok? 😊
Thank u in advance everyone

I am no RGB expert but I believe you can just install OpenRGB or any other RGB software for your devices and set a static color. Once the color is set you can uninstall the software. At least this is how it is working for my setup and I use OpenRGB.

I agree that Armory Crate is complete garbage and any of their RGB lighting software. Has been for years, complete bloated mess that is a royal pain to get completely uninstalled.

Hey Furious_Rage
Thank u for the answer! I tried OpenRGB and it works well. The only thing Idk is how to set up Aura adressable for the ASUS Strix 360 LCII Fans.
Idk how many LEDs the ROG FAN MODEL 12 ARGB has. 
And even if I know, idk what number to set. its 0-120 possible.
I want to set a static green only (no effects, not blinking, etc.)

Does someone know the correct number for 3x120 Fans ROG FAN MODEL 12 ARGB?
I have no other ARGB fans or stripes, etc.

Thank u all so much ❤️

Someone has an answer to my post please?

@simon_leuener wrote:

The only thing Idk is how to set up Aura adressable for the ASUS Strix 360 LCII Fans.
Idk how many LEDs the ROG FAN MODEL 12 ARGB has. 
And even if I know, idk what number to set. its 0-120 possible.
Does someone know the correct number for 3x120 Fans ROG FAN MODEL 12 ARGB?


Thank u all so much for the help!

Sorry @simon_leuener I can't help with the ASUS Strix 360 LCII fan question. But to answer your question you sent in a PM on what ram I use it is: G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series, Model: F5-7200J3445G16GX2-TZ5RK

I will say that OpenRGB's current nightly build doesn't detect my ram, but that stable build does.

Level 7

Simply posting the outstanding work of @cajuudoido and the tool he and his team created to simplify / provide a solution to the nightmarish experience of setting/saving RGB profiles across restarts as well as cleaning up a lot of the ARMORY CRATE bloatware. Please review his Reddit thread and the accompanying project repository.

The latest 0.6.0 release is pretty simple to use. The only solution I have read about and implemented successfully across reboots and shutdowns is to use @cajuudoido's tool and save an Aura Sync RGB profile which uses a static color. Any gradient, rainbow, or dynamic changing color scheme doesn't seem to stick across reboots and shutdowns. Major thanks again for those who put in the hard work to create this tool and accompanying documentation. 

Just my two cents.

ProArt Z790-CREATOR WIFI (BIOS 2002) | i9-13900KF | EK Nucleus AIO CR360 Cooler | G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB 96GB DDR5-6800 (F5-6800J3446F48GX2-TZ5RK) | XFX AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT | 2x Samsung C49RG9x 49" (LC49RG90SSNXZA) | Intel X550-10G-2T-X4 10Gb/s NIC | 4x WD_BLACK SN850X 2TB | macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 | Windows 11 Pro

Level 8

If you download Armoury Crate and Aura bloatware(hell, basically malware honestly lol) You can set the shutdown scheme/effect and startup effect you want and save it, and it will do what you're asking....problem is, you have to keep armoury crate isntalled for it continue working....soon as you uninstall, next reboot will start using default again.  Another option you can try however, is under the advanced settings page of the bios, usually in the last menu option, is a few toggles for asus aura/RGB settings.  My z790 hero has 3, one for settings what rgb/aura is turned on when computer is running, what is displayed on my boot code led while computer is running(i can have it showed CPU temp or nothing when in OS since it just need to show boot code during startup), and then i have a third option that lets me choose which aura/rgb works when computer is asleep.  Key word on asleep.  Stealth mode option makes all RGB turn off when asleep, like when its shutdown.  This results in rainbow default during startup.  If you choose the all on option though however, when its asleep, whatever color you have chosen will stay active, and continue to be active when you wake the PC...I personally shut my computer off every night, but i know alot of people dont so maybe that help you?

Lastly, while I totally agree with you, I spent weeks trying to solve this problem when i got my z790 hero, especially because they dont even give you full control over all its lighting....i use signalRGB now, Im able to control my Polymo, ram, phanteks nv7 LEDs, and deepcool AIO pump cover LEDS with that...and figured out how to make it not update all the time or even run in the background the end of the day, having my computer join a pride parade for 30 seconds every day on startup isnt the end of the world.....and and i realized was serious 1st world problem that i shouldnt be bitchin now i just dont ever look at my computer when i power it joke I basically, every day, get out of bed, walk to PC, power it on, and go to bathroom without looking at the tower....when i get back its beautiful like i like it and as far as im concerned, what i dont see, cant bother me lol