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Screen does not wakeup after boot Z790-H

Level 7

Hellow people,

I have a strange problem, When I cold boot my PC, I see the ROG logo, if I want i can acces the BIOS, no problem.

But when I get to the windows log in screen my Monitor stays on a black screen, i can hear sounds of windows running in the back but i get no picture on my screen. I have Dual monitor setup, and had never had this issue with my old pc.

If I power down the screen and power it back on I see the Windows log in screen and all is working fine, I wil get into windows and both screens would be fine.

If I reboot my PC (Not Shutdown) the problem is gone and i can see a log in screen and get into windows.

If i Power down my PC and wait 10 sec before powering up the PC i have the same issue back.

I can see ROG logo when starting up, screen goes black and no picture, Power cycle the screen and i have picture and can log in.

My previous setup was with a z590-E/I9 11900K combo, with RTX4090

My current setup is Z790-H/I7 13700k combo with RTX4090.

Screen: Gigabyte M32UC

I know i can power down my screens like a good boy after being done with my computer, but i want to have them on standby, and not having to turn them on and of every time.

I installed the latest BOIS version from the asus website, no resolve

Reseated the RAM, GPU, and checked all connectors, nor resolve.

PC works fine, and gaming works fine to.

There is someting with the handshake between the PC and the Screen on going into windows.


I hope sombody has some tips for me, I got a friend with the same screen and an Asus z790 prime wit hthe same issue.

Greetings Jeff


Level 7

I am having issues on it freezing on that ROG screen and never gets to windows.  I updated to 1303 and 1402 and I am trying to go back to 1202 frustrated.

Level 11

Any of you guys sort your problem out ? i have the Z790-H