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ROG Z790-E G skill 4 sticks overlock trouble

Level 9

Hi, i have two G.skill trident Z 6800 Mhz 16x2 kit, set in A2, B2 slots and it works perfectly. I bought one more same kit and put them in last two slots(A1, B1) and then starts strange things, pc always reboot if XMP was enable(any overlock), if i disable XMP the frequency set to 4800 Mhz it works fine, but i bought those RAMs for those speed))) I am on lates BIOS, ME, etc. win 11 with i9-13900kf, thor 1000 w p2. Now i set XMP on frequency 6400 MHz, but i can't reach speed 6800 when 2 sticks used. Can someone help or explain...


Level 14

I guess that depends on where you bought the kit and how long you have had it. Check the return policy.

MZ790A Bios 1904, GSkill F5-8000J3848H16GX2-TZRK, 13900KS, EKWB D5 TBE 300, Seasonic Prime TX-1600 ATX 3.0, Asus Strix 4090 w/ Optimus block, Phanteks Enthoo Elite, Asus Claymore 2, Asus Gladius 3, Asus XG349C, Samsung 990, Windows 11 Pro

Level 7

no i didnt get money back, just sold them on,,

Level 9

Make a Bios profile with normal XMP but with 5400Mt's.

After that you put in the other kit and see if it boots. From there you can increase the speed till it won't boot.

Thats how i have done it and i have 2 different brands in it. 6600 Gskill and 6400 Kingston. My Motherboard z690f can only go up to 5800 with 4 sticks.

I doubt that anyone can get 4 16gb sticks of 6800 working on any motherboard.