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ROG Z690-F Aura Led always ON

Level 7
Hey Guys, what's going?

Sorry for my little english. I will try to explain it.

I've been trying every day to turn off the aura led on my motherboard through the Bios. however, with the computer turned off, the light remains on.
when I sleep, I like my room all dark, with no computer lights on.

Remembering that the bios version is up to date. Version 1720.

Can you tell me if there is a bug of led in the bios?

Bellow my configuration:

ROG Z690-F
2080 RTX MSI Gaming
2x16Gb XPG 5200Mhz
2x SSD 970 EVO NVM2
Corsair RM 850W

Thanks so much for cooperation and patience.

Again...Sorry for my little english.

Lucas Rezende.

Level 11
Hi, it must be turned off in Armory Crate, Armory communicates with the bios for the management of the lights, if it is activated in AC they will be on when turned off.
Put all lights off in bios and off in AC when PC is off or sleeping

Level 11
Armoury crate will overide whatever Lighting settings you have set in the Bios so you need to modify it in armoury crate. Personally I dislike Armoury crate so just uninstalled it. LEDs were on the first time I shutdown after uninstalling, suspect that was becuase I didn't restart after uninstalling Armourycrate. Next time I shutdown the LEDs were off like I have set in my Bios

Level 7
I got it!!

I selected aura OFF in Armory Crate!
I didn't know I had to turn off the led on the Armory Crate too!!

Also, Inside the bios I kept aura OFF too.

Thanks so much guys!!!

Have a nice day!