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ROG STRIX Z790-F PC Turn off and on when clicking on "last modified" on bios

Level 9
Somethign weird started to happaned on ROG Z790-F, while im on bios 0703 version, whatever I click on "last modified" the pc turn off and on automatically and then it will trigger WHEA id 1...
this is new because I remember few days ago I clicked it and nothign like this happaned same bios version same jsut out of no were are doing this.

I can replicate it whatever i want just by clicking on last modified...

I have no issues at all with the PC gaming or stress testing did, OCCT, PRIME95, HCI memtest , all this are no errors, anyway im running at default just with XMP enabled but wanted to make it clear that I dont have any kind of issues apart of this new one that I just discovered

Just cleared CMOS from the back switch still happaning even with bios cleared at default but the strange thing is I just click on "optimize all default settings" on bios the one above save and exit and then seems like the bug got fixed.
Now I can click on last modified without the issue...I put my settings back again and all good so dont know what ws that...bit strange that with CMOS clear stiwtch didnt solve it but yes it did solved by clicking on "optimize all default settings"