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ROG STRIX Z790-E WIFI II Board Stable @ BIOS 220, Unstable @ BIOS 801

Level 8

I have the board mentioned, and corsair dominator 5600mhz 2x48GB modules installed.  With the 220 bios (initial release) the board is slightly unstable (one random reboot every 3 days ish) at XMP II, and seems completely stable with XMP I.  Post and boot at both XMP settings works fine.

When upgrading to the 801 BIOS, I boot loop at either XMP setting, and if I slow the RAM's clock down, and turn off AI overclocking I can get it to boot, but it's unstable (won't pass OCCT tests).

Obviously I want to be on the latest BIOS, as the logo vulnerability fix is kind of important, but I can't destabilize my box.  I don't care if I have to use BIOS defaults and no AI overclocking, but my RAM is already slow enough at it's rated speeds - I don't want to be downclocking it especially when downclocking it just gets a boot, but not a stable rig.

Anyone have any ideas on what settings I can try to get XMP I or XMP II speeds with the 801 BIOS?

Also, reading on reddit, I'm not the only one that the 801 BIOS has hosed this way - several people are reporting that 801 is breaking what were otherwise stable rigs.  ASUS, are you aware of this?