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Level 9

There's a new version with the following changelog:


1. Improved DDR5 compatibility
2. Further optimized CEP settings when disabled

Updating this BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding intel ME to version
Please note after you update this BIOS, the ME version remains the updated one even if you roll back to an older BIOS later.
Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (SZ790E.CAP) using BIOSRenamer.


Has anyone tried it yet?


Level 9

I found that in 2102 13900KS when Asus Multicore Enhancement is disabled - Auto value is 400A ICCMAX. Before in all previous versions it was 500A for 13900KS.

Level 11

I just installed the 2102 on my mainboard (see signature) and ICCMAX was set to 280A (previously also 500A). "Asus Multicore Enhancement" is set to "Disabled - Enforce all Limits".

I think it's great now, because it corresponds to Intel's specifications and certainly comes from Intel, as some CPUs have been worn out in the past.

Intel Core i7 13700K / AiO Fractal Design Lumen S36 v2 RGB / Asus Rog Strix Z790-F Gaming WIFI / Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5-5600 64GB (4x 16GB) / Asus TUF RTX 4070 ti OC / 4x Samsung 980 pro 1TB / Seasonic Prime GX 850 W Gold / Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite RGB Black TG Light Tint / Monitor AOC Q27G2S/EU (WQHD)

Level 9

I wonder what "Improved DDR5 compatibility" means.
Is there any change to stable frequencies for 4 DIMMs?
In one of the BIOS updates, I was able to go from 5200 to 5333. Maybe this one allows higher...

Level 8

Also installed 2102 on my Z-790E (with 13700k & Asus multicore enhancement disabled) yesterday. No problems so far! 

Level 7

Do it!! Please…

After updating to this BIOS version, I started to get Secure Boot warning messages with regard to my hardware raid controller (Adaptec 7805) which is connected to the last PCI-E slot on the motherboard. It erroneously states that the firmware on the device has changed although the firmware hasn't been updated in quite some time. Because of this, I had to enable CSM in order to suppress the message and allow the OS to at least boot with Secure Boot enabled.

Level 7

Install this and still can't get Intel APO enabled - turned on DTT via the bios and installed the drivers but till "Failed to connected"

Also it shows Two of the "Intel DTT Updater Component" in control panel when it should be one

Level 8

I have bios 2002 installed. It works perfectly, and it also allowed me to raise the frequencies a little more from 5800 to 5833 changing Bios 1801 by 2002. Each pair of modules is for 6400 (total 64GB), but all four together is impossible. So something got better. updating last Bios...
I also have the AI OC on the board working, and it puts the i9 13900K on time up to 6000 Mhz, although the normal thing is about 5800. Everything is perfectly stable and normal temperatures for this micro (when it is required in a core it can be set to 92º) .
At the moment it does not seem that BIOS 2102 provides anything new, except for improved compatibility of RAM and CEP, and I am especially interested in memory
The question, has anyone noticed stability improvements in RAM when going from bios 2002 to 2102?

ROG MAXIMUS z790 HERO Bios 2002, CORE i9-13900K, Kingston 4x16GB 6400 CL32 (5833 stable), Corsair RM 1000i, MSI RTX 3080Ti SUPRIM X, Sound Blaster X AE5 Plus, EK Waterblock Quantum Velocity with 2 Radiators EK, Corsair K70 Rapidfire, Thermaltake case, Samsung SSD 990 PRO, WD BLACK SN770, Kingston SNV2S2, Seagate 6TB, DELL 3007 WFPHC, Samsung 27 , 2 DELL 19;

cep ne demek bıos ta nasıl kapatılır ve ya acılır ben bulamadım