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Rog Strix Z790-A DDR5 M.2 & PCIE x16 Slot

Level 7


Im looking to get a motherboard for my i9-13900k and I am happy that there is a white DDR5 strix board. 

I have seen other Boards around which one of the M.2 slots halves the PCIE X16 slot.

Is this feature on this motherboard or can I use all 4 m.2 slots and have my GPU running on x16?


Level 17

You'll have to download and check the manuals carefully. All I can say is that it's not a problem on the 690 Hero. Might be the same on the 790 Hero and above...

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Level 14

According to the Strix Z790-A Gaming Wifi Tech Specs, M.2_1 uses the dedicated x4 storage lanes on the CPU (the CPU has x16 for the GPU, x4 for storage, and x8 for the chipset).  M.2_2, M.2_3, and M.2_4 are through the chipset; so won't impact GPU lanes, but the 12 lanes for them share an 8 lane link to the CPU with all other chipset I/O.  So, yeah, you won't lose any GPU lanes for any M.2 configuration on that board, but be aware that the additional M.2 slots are on shared bandwidth.  All M.2 slots are PCIe 4.0.

Awsome, Thanks. 

Its only because I have 4 m.2s ready to install and don't want my strix rtx 3080 OC to under perform.