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ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4 crashes Windows 11 in XMP 1 or 2 mode

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I am running a Windows 11 Professional build with a 12700K CPU and 64 GB of GSKILL F4-3600C16Q-16GTZR memory on the STRIX Z690-A board. This memory ran fine on my Maximus Hero XII Z490 board on XMP settings. I am running the latest 0807 BIOS and have had the same issue on the prior two BIOS versions. If I try either XMP 1 or XMP 2 windows fails to boot and collects error messages to send to Microsoft. I have also tried this with the CPU Overclock jumper set to both on and off. Also I noticed that setting XMP II, but setting the DRAM to 3400 allows Windows to boot and run fine, but anything higher will crash windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. First time I am running into this issue after years of building on ASUS boards.

Adrian1983 wrote:
Aah I didn't know you had different RAM sticks, I thing the general consensus is to not mix RAM sticks, Even though it can work it's not an ideal scenario I believe.

Yeah, I realized, but only after I got them installed. This wasn't an issue before 12th gen.

bigjohns97 wrote:
Why not just try a cheap matched kit and see if that solves your problem, I was shocked when I looked up mine and saw they were going for 50 bucks now. 😉

That's the plan at the end. Got it to work now with these settings, so no rush there 🙂

Level 10
Me neither to be fair, Both modes XMP 1 and XMP 2 work fine for me with my Crucial Ballistix DDR 3600mhz ram which I am running at 3800Mhz with stock ram voltage of 1.35v and quite a low VCCSA voltage also of 1.15v, my VDDQ TX voltage also is only set at stock of 1.2v.

This RAM I have isn't even on the QVL list but no issues here. BL2K16G36C16U4B