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Rog Strix Z690-A Board Incompatible with F4-4266C17D-32GTZRB Ram XMP Profiles

Level 7
I bought this DDR4 ram (F4-4266C17D-32GTZRB) to go with my Z690-A board for 12th gen alder lake build however am having no luck using the XMP profiles. I tried to troubleshoot by inputting in my own manual settings and I can only get it to go as high as 3733Mhz. And this is with the latest bios update 0807. Anyone here can give me tips as to how I can get the XMP profiles to work or know of the numbers I should input to get to 4266Mhz as advertised by this ram card? Let me know, thanks!

thinhler21294 wrote:
Ahh okay thanks I think I understand. I ended up just going with the two and played around with some of the timings whilst maintaining the advertised 4266Mhz the ram kit provides. I noticed that if I wanted to go over 4266Mhz, I had to up the voltage to a scary amount. The XMP profile defaults to 1.5V which ended up not being enough voltage to boot into the 4400Mhz I clocked it at. I had to up it to 1.52V and when I ran some tests I had a bunch of errors.

I ended up just going back to 4266Mhz and changed up the timings to 17-18-17-36 and these were the AIDA64 results I got. Let me know what you guys think and if you guys might possibly have some more tips for a noobie like me haha.

If you want to you could push it much more. If you plan on using 2x8. You could drop latency a good 20ns. Getting under 45ns shouldnt be hard.

You will need to manually set timings and some voltages. you need to use gear 1, 1:1 setting in bios Check out this thread for more info

If you want I can help you with settings. It can be time consuming though. you need to test stability.

Edit check this thread of my txt file of my bios setting for 4266c16 gear 1. that has a lot of the setting you can try for timings and voltages

You will want to start lower though like 4000c15. then 4133c15 etc and work your way up.

If you want to do higher clocks gear 2 I cant help you I couldnt get past 4600 and the latency was so much higher I didnt think it was worth it.

With 4x8 I think you could get that working also in the 3600-3866 range? Not sure. It really doesnt matter in actual use. Higher clocks and tighter timings are more about benching and you can see it in software that measures it but in actual use you wont be able to tell a difference in most cases.