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ROG STRIX B760-G GAMING WIFI - Front Panel Audio not working

Level 7


I am desperate as I don't seem to be getting anywhere. The symptoms are, with my headphones unplugged, the system defaults to the Speakers which work fine. 



When I plug in the headphones, the Realtek Audio Console asks me what I've plugged in, I select the headphones. 


Unfortunately, I can barely hear what is coming out of my headphones with the volume set to maximum.


It appears that Windows thinks that the speakers are outputting at a sensible volume but this is not the case.







Here are my Realtek Audio Control Settings:


The headphones appear as "Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output"


I was told that the issue could be with the motherboard so I was provided with a replacement. I have plugged it in, downloaded all the latest drivers & BIOS (I am using 14th CPU) and the same issue appears. There is nothing wrong with the headphones as the work just fine with my old PC. 

Does anyone know what audio chip is used on these?

Starting to lose the plot here....


Any help would be greatly appreciated.











Level 11


Do you have anything connected to the lime audio connector in the back panel of the motherboard? From the picture, it shows that something is connected. Try disconnecting it from the rear panel. 



Yes I do, I have my speakers connected to the line out. I have setup the audio to have separate playback devices so not sure why this is going wrong. I have unplugged the speakers from the lineout and connected my headphones into the front panel and I see the same behaviour.  I have eliminated the idea that it's the case cabeling as I have tried the front panel cables from my old case and plugged it into the header on the new motherboard which is showing the same behaviour. Asus told me it could be a faulty motherboard but this is the 2nd one provided. I think it's unlikely that it's a BIOS issue but I suppose anything is possible. My gut feeling is that I think there is an issue in the Realtek software for this board when it comes to impedances.

I would appreciate any suggestions.









Did you test on the Playback Device to enabling the first option? This may sound odd but double check if you connected front panel audio connector correctly.

So I have selected the 1st option, I get audio out of both the speakers and my headphones so I suppose from a hardware perspective it is ok. 


With this option, the headphones option under Windows disappears (Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output). The WH-H990N are a Bluetooth set which can be ignored.




So I believe this is a software issue rather than hardware.


I also did try an Ubuntu image and that also showed issues. 

Level 7

Any suggestions?

Have you found the solution? I have exactly the same problem as you, except my MB is ROG STRIX B760-I GAMING WIFI.

Level 7


The short answer is no but I am in talks with Asus and they have raised it with their GTSD team. Unfortunately I have no idea what that stands for. I'm just glad that now someone else has also got the same issue so I am confident I am not doing anything wrong.


Level 9

I have the B760-I Gaming Wifi mobo, albeit different, have the same Audio + front amplifier and it works here, both ways or separately. But I had a similar issue with bad codecs installed, only one output very low volume & DTS not working or registering Free. I also had to do a very thorough cleanup of old drivers + leftovers in the system before having it work. Some old ones were left behind and new drivers conflicted with old remnants initially.

I used guide, made sure registry was clean as well. I think these are the right drivers for you, not sure, best to double check his listings.


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