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ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO vs Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 6000MHz

Level 7

cpu: i9-12900k
Mem: 4 x 16GB ddr5 (2x KF560C32RSAK2-32)

I have a problem with configuring the bios so that Kingston Fury Renegade RGB 32GB 2x16GB 6000MHz DDR5 CL32 (KF560C32RSAK2-32) memory
they operated at 6000Mhz (or more ...). The memories are on the Asus list on the list of supported memories.
With settings in the bios XMP, XMP2, Auto, Manual, the memories work only with the 5600Mhz setting
as soon as I change, for example, to XMP1 6000Mhz or XMP2 6000Mhz or to Manual mode and I want
to increase above 5600Mhz, after saving the configuration in bios
the computer goes into a thinking state and it takes 2 - 3 minutes, then turns off, then turns on and thinks again 2 - 3 minutes
and so it lasts for 10 minutes and then starts but demands changes in the bios.
I currently have a bios v. 2004 but on 1403 and 1601 it was the same.

Is it the fault of some incompatibility of these memories with Maximus Hero or some additional bios setting is required
to start working at 6000Mhz.

Thanks in advance for your advice

Level 7
You are using all 4 memory slots so don't expect any XMP speeds. If you are using 2 memory slots, then you can overclock easily to 6000-6200MT/s,
6400MT/s may require some tweaking. I have never used all 4 slots, because it's a lot slower (maybe some master overclocker can achieve good speeds using 4 slots 😄 )
I was able to overclock to 6600MT/s using Kingston Fury Renegade 2x16GB DDR5 and Asus Z690 Hero (Bios 1603), so they are awesome products. Maybe not all individual products can achieve that speed.