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ROG Maximus Z690 Hero overclocking

Level 8

hello everyone 

first of all i need to mention that im not a technical guy, so plz keep it on basic level.

recently i got interested in overclocking , but thing are not going as supposed on  this motherboard.

i have been testing  13600k /12900k on my setup

here is my setup :

rog maximus z690 hero

16*2  gskill trident z5  6000mhz

1200rog thor

coolermaster masterliquid 360 illusion

win 10 on 980 pro

both cpus are not giving me the score they should on a default bios setting , on cinebench r23 multi core test

 24-25k is max i get on 12900k ,that should be 2600k atleast

22-23k on 13600k  ,should be 24k at least

its like my cooler temperature is the limit for the test, package on 100 and cors are 90-100

how ever i have tested exact same setup with the same cooler and everything .even windows and hard drives on 2 other motherboard z790 gaming x  , and aorus z790 master.

on both mother on a default setting for bios i could achive 27k for  i9 1200k and 24k on 13600k

and temperature had a 10c window on 13600k   cores on 80-90 and package on 90

then i thought maybe its my motherboard so i went for a test with same setup on another unit of rog maximus z690 hero.

the result was exactly same .

then i followed some of  tutorials on youtube and internet like these :

of course with lower numbers and lots of twicks, yet 23 on 13600k or 24 ,5 on 12900k was maximum score i could get.

even due to what i saw on youtube people could get 2k+ on their  24k score , simply by activating aioverclocking.

that option actually lowering my score .

is this possible that the board isnt compatible with my cooler?

sometimes even when i achive 5.1k frequency stable on my p cores, my score actually going lower.

also if i put the profile of vd/dg on level 1 and  enable asus management with 90 limit,i get max of 90c temperature with 22.4k score which is same as the default setting with 100C

in  conclusion do you have any idea whats going on ? ? ? ?


In today's video, I overclock the Intel Core i5-13600K Raptor Lake CPU up to 6.2 GHz with the ASUS ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming WiFi D4 motherboard and EK-Quantum water cooling. As everyone knows by now, Raptor Lake processors provide a lot of room for performance tuning and overclocking, especially ...
In this video, JJ from ASUS walks you through overclocking Intel 12th Gen K series CPUs on ASUS Z690 motherboards using ASUS AiOC. In this overview and overclocking walkthrough/guide, you will gain a complete understanding of how ASUS AiOC works, what overclocking is, and the benefits of using ...
Here is an overclocking guide for Intel's 12th gen platform and Z690 and eventually 790 or whatever the name boards will get. Using Asus Maximus Z690 Apex and Intel Core i9 12900K. This will also work with other CPUs such as the Core i7 12700K or Core i5 12600K. Pinned a post to explain low ...


Hello mohamad_re

Once your cpu hits 90c it will start thermal throttling, which in turn reduces clock speeds. This would be why you're getting lower scores.

Most AIO cpu coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste on the water block, you could potentially get lower temperatures by removing the stock thermal paste and applying something like Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.

There are other high quality thermal pastes that compete with it, but Kryonaut is my personal preference.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste (

You can also check the pump on your cooler is running at 100% and turning up the fan speed.


thanks for the replay,

i believe thermal throttling happens on 100c, i got cores that running back and forward 100-98 on stock setting.

also i pretty sure the paste isnt the problem here , while im using nactua nt-h2 or even master gel 2

yet as i mentioned above.exactly same setup just on 2 different mother board .gave me the right result,

while with another unit of maximus  i had same result as mine.

i know some people who are using air cooler like assasin v on 14600 and yet they can manage to achive 80C max on package and core, with a normal score on cinebench,here im using 360 aio

the only scenario i got in my mind is that the cooler isnt compatible with motherboard.

as i said im not a technical person as overclocker, whats happening here is not normal.

i would be more than happy if you suggest me an approach to check a simple overcloking result and see if its working as it should


When overclocking, you need more voltage and more voltage creates more heat and higher temperatures.

Install HWinfo, click the Sensors tab, run cinebench with Hwinfo open, then check what the Maximum Vcore is going to.

You can also check your memory is up to speed, for 6000MHz memory it will show 3000MHz.

On the left, I expanded the cpu temperatures to see individual core temps.

At the bottom left, click the blue arrows to show all readings of your pc.

Click the pic to make it bigger.




here , the score is 22.5 and keep going lower.  setting are default and xmp2 activated

also here another test . asus managment enable (90c limit) _xmp2 _ digi/vrm profile set to 1

as you see less tempbut same scroe 



Thank you for the HWinfo screenshot.

Your Maximum Vcore is showing 1.208v, under full load this is very good.

However, temperatures hitting 100c with that voltage is not normal and as you can see, it triggered thermal throttling.

This most likely is indicating that your cpu cooler waterblock is not making good contact with the cpu and with a variation of 11c (P-Core 0 = 89c)  (P-Core 5 = 100c), this could be indicating the waterblock is not mounted evenly.

Try reseating your cpu waterblock. When tightening the mounting screws, go diagonal from corner to corner a little at a time until all 4 screws are nice and snug, don't overtighten the mounting screws.

You'll need to clean the cpu and waterblock of the old thermal paste and apply new thermal paste to the cpu. Isopropyl alcohol and a tissue or toilet paper works well, don't use a paper towel as it's more abrasive. Take your time with this, make sure it's a thin layer spread evenly across the entire cpu. If you don't have a spatula tool to spread the thermal paste, an old credit card or similar works well.

Try the test after doing this, temps should be much better.





sry suddenly i pushed accept solution button , if you can plz fix it.

what you say actually make sense, that gap between cores temperature indicate such problem.

but here is the thing ,part of my job is assembling pc ,and the amount of care and effort i have putted on my personal case is realy high.

more than 10 times i have reseted that cooler block on my board, with exact same way as you said, from side to side even turning pipes to 4 different side to see if it make any diffrent

but the point is ,as i mentioned i could get very good result with much less care and attention in installing cooler on other boards.

and same result as it is on different unit of maximus.

so is it possible that somehow the coolermaster block and cpu braket on maximus hero  cant be matched?

however i cant see any gap or difference between this one and any other board.


now let say this is the problem.but what we see in test 2 is kinda counter that logic, correct me if im wrong .

first in second test i believe that the reason of showing throttling error is that chose the asus management with limit of 90,so it changes the throttling limit to 90 right?

the second is. now that i managed to lower temperature and keep the cpu p cores frequency on 5.1k with 51X ration, shouldnt i get the full score from cinebench?

it keeps the 5.1k  for the whole time of the render. 

then if im right in this case even with the normal frequncey i cant get the score i should,right? or its dependent on other parameter as well?

but if im right,so the first logic is not correct any more cus we get same result even without high temp,


The second test is better but is still thermal throttling, try my suggestion above.





Thank you, I removed the accepted solution.

So, you remounted the cooler multiple times and temps are still high.

Cpu fan speed looks ok at almost 2000RPM, you can check in the bios on the Monitoring tab that the AIO_Pump header is set to 100%.

1) Yes, setting the throttling point to 90c will throttle the cpu when it reaches 90c.

2) Should you be getting the same score with the cpu holding at 5.1GHz, technically yes.

Something that comes to mind is, usually, AIO cpu cooler manufactures will put a thin protective film over the cpu waterblock.  I see there is one on the top of the waterblock and there may be one on the cold plate as well. These need to be removed.

To confirm, have you used the proper mounting posts marked G in the picture?

LGA 1700.png