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ROG DIMM.2 HS GEN4 V2 versus V3

Level 7
I'm having bizarre issues with the Z790 Extreme.
The M.2_1 slot block was hard to unscrew not only using official tool (from the box) but even IFixIt high quality tools. It was also hard to crew it back in.
BUT - the M.2 module is impossible to unscrew
I don't want to RMA this expensive a board for such a problem, but it's increasingly annoying - by the blue residue, it seems you've used Loctite for the screws, which is... insane.
Now, since I'm really avoiding to RMA a hard to get board that's nowhere in stock, I need to know what is the electrical difference between ROG DIMM.2 HS GEN4 V2 I can get from the other box and ROG DIMM.2 HS GEN4 V3?

Shouldn't be any, it's a stupid PCB, but I'd really like to know just in case since there is a reason you have V3...

Level 7
From a jayz2cents video, he said with the latest mobo's using the dimm.2 you have to make sure you put your nvme ssd in the slot that has the heatsink attached. there are 2 sides. Also if you use 2 nvme ssd's in the dimm.2 you have to use pretty much the same nvme's so if one is a 2gig 4.0 ssd and the other is a 1 gig 3.0 the mobo can have issues with that, and run only at the 3.0 speeds. So just put the 2nd ssd in a different slot on the board itself. As far as unscrewing it, just use a hair dryer and heat the thing up. Or if a hair dryer/ heat gun isnt available put it in an oven at its lowest setting for a minute or 2 until its warm but not HOT. Also screwing it back together once the card is in, you just have to put alot of pressure in the middle with 1 hand and with the other put the screws in. Slightly tighten them, 1 then the 2 then 1 then the 2nd, until they are both screwed in. It might not be screwed in all the way, but thats ok.

Here is the video, it starts at 4:45 and its a amd board, so not sure if that dimm.2 is exactly the same. But im guessing it is.

Both sides are properly heatsinked and the same on Z boards, as far as I know from the last few gens.
Also, identical drives, although I think they behave like separate ports... looks like it.