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ROG B660i freeze while gaming

Level 7

Hi All,

I’ve faced an issue about my PC freeze while gaming, my pc built at Mar, in recent days when i play RDR2, the freeze will be randomly happen but sometime just running fine for an hour sometime 20mins or less, and i find some patterns this issue mostly happen when i cold boot my PC. When PC freeze, input no response, alt+ctrl+del no response, num lock no response, mouse no response and sounds stop play, have to hard reset the PC, generally freeze will no have any error in event but yesterday it freeze again and i find one WHEA 1 error, would like to know if any possible way to fix this issue? Thanks so much

my spec:


ROG B660i

RTX 4090 FE

16GB DDR5 *2(memtest86+ passed)

LG C2 42


Level 7

WHEA is a notification of errors between cpu and PCI-e, just change the processor settings so that there are no errors during data transfer. I have experienced when certain CPU overclocking settings force these errors.

Level 7

I’ve update my BIOS and Windows update today, keep monitoring if this is solution