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RGB LED on motherboard flickering in standby mode

Level 7

I have ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming Wifi mobo and using Armoury Crate I set the mobo's RGB to Starry Night for both standby mode, and normal powered on mode.

It works perfectly until I shut the machine down into standby mode, and then it randomly flickers.

All other RGB options work perfect in standby mode, only Starry Night is broken.

Any idea why it is broken?

This guy also has same problem, but no one answers unfortunately -

RGB LED I/O FLICKER - Republic of Gamers Forum - 957860 (


Super Moderator

Hi @TempName777 

For issues pertaining to Armoury Crate and  lighting effects please fill in the bug report form here


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Level 17

Armoury Crate also offers RGB settings for the 'shutdown effects'. If you adjust those, you might be able to turn off the RGB effects in standby mode. It's just going to be a case of trying the different settings and see what helps. I think it's just going to be a software bug. As it works fine with other effects, it won't be a hardware issue, so at least that's good.  

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Yep, that's what I figured. Didn't even bother calling Asus support but it would be nice to have a fix for this.

Level 8

Yep, just tested it and it's still doing it, but only with Starry Night when on stand by or system off. While the Rig is powered on it works fine. At this point I just keep this effect option off using Armoury Crate.

Yeah, I guess I'll just have to switch to another one until it one day maybe gets fixed. Sucks though because its my favorite one and its the only one that doesn't work.