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Recommendations for optimizing Strix-E-E BIOS 1516 - without "to the limit" overclocking

Level 8

I am a BIOS-tweaking noob, but I'm now interested in improving system performance with the right BIOS tweaks, so I'm seeking advice from this forum.  My system includes this Strix-E-E motherboard, a 7900X CPU, 2 x 32 GB  of Crucial  DD DDR5-5200 UDIMM, and an EVGA 3060 Ti GPU, plus the usual assortment of  NVMe and SATA drives.

Since I first got this motherboard, I have run the system at stock BIOS settings, on BIOS 0805, delivered with this motherboard, to flush out any instabilities.  Now that I have had absolutely zero BSODs, it's time to tweak the BIOS for increased performance. I'm ready to upgrade to 1516 and start tweaking. Overclocking is OK, but I need to be conservative here, since I currently don't have the time right now for lots of rebooting and watching for instabilities.

This is a completely noobish question.  Can anyone upload a file of tweaked settings that we can all download?