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Realtek USB audio stops working when system is idle

Level 8

Hello everyone,

I have this extremely annoying thing happening with my ASUS Z790-E Gaming WiFi board.

I have soundbar connected to PC via optical cable. When PC goes idle (doesn't go to sleep, doesn't hibernate,just idle) after some time (unknown time) speakers will auto power off because they lose communication with the mainboard.

I power on the speakers but no audio comes through.

I try changing audio output modes (on PC), still nothing.

I connect the speakers via bluetooth to my phone, audio works!

I connect the speakers via bluetooth to the PC, audio still works (but it has a lag so i avoid using it)

I switch back to optical on my PC and it still doesn't work, untill i reboot my PC!


So the problem appears to be to Reatltek Digital Output (Realtek USB Audio) device. Due to some idling it just stops responding. Audio Driver version is the one currently on site - 6.3.9600.2342, BIOS version 2002.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!