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Real Voltage socket sense Z690 STRIX (STRIX Z690-I GAMING)

Level 7
Hi All.

I have z690-i Strix gaming mobo, mini itx.

Do I understand it right that it has only socket sense ?

So when I set voltage manually in bios lets say to 1.4v is(is this socket sense I'm setting right?), so then the real voltage if I measured with multimeter, would be mich lower ?
Lets say
1.4V bios, is 1.3v real, 1.25v real in load due to llc, but the windows reading would be still higher due to socket sense reading, lets say 1.35v due to llc?

So realistically, I could potentially set the voltage higher in bios because the real voltage in the core is much lower ?

Whats the safe max voltage you recommend - SOCKET sense, that would be shown in windows in 2 scenarios:

1 core loaded

8 cores loaded


Let's say we say 1.35v die sense is "ok", then on strix board what it would look like?


Level 7
No one can answer ? 🙂

fat4l wrote:
No one can answer ? 🙂

No one answers because no one knows the answer to your question. You're asking a very difficult, sweaty question.

No one can tell you what the 'safe' voltage is for 1 core loaded. I'm still unsure about even how that works...if one core is pouring a lot of current all by itself (let's say one P core is pouring out 25 amps) and the other cores are sleep, obviously vdroop will be very low, but vcore is shared across all cores, so I dont know the answer to your question.

I already degraded my 12900k QS by pouring too much amps and temps beyond a safe curve I used on many prior chips and I think, (I think, using 1.280v load on Stockfish at 260+ amps when I should have been at 1.240v max at that point), etc...

I try to use, for all 8 cores, to stay below the voltage limit at X # of amps using the "Intel spec loadline curve" at "max" vcore:

1520mv - (IOUT * 1.1 mOhms), where iout is how much amps you're pulling with all 8 cores loaded.
Max amps for 8+8 core ADL (8+HT, + 8 e cores) is 280A, 8+4=240A and 8+0 (not shown in the Intel specification but it's safe to assume that means e cores disabled) is 200 amps,

So if you were pulling 280 amps, you would want "Die sense" vcore to be no higher than 1213mv / 1.213v, and temps no higher than 95C at this voltage.
If you want to go higher you have to improve the cooling drastically, the more cooling you have, the more voltage you can safely put in the chip but Intel doesn't tell you what is safe at what temps. Use common sense. No one can write a play by play book for you here.

If you're using auto or adaptive voltage and using by core usage, I would set your max VRM voltage (I think in Power Management settings) to 1520mv, as vids higher than that are really supposed to be for LN2 or going below ambient. But that's just my opinion.