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RaptorLake Resources


i will use this as a collection of test bioses/tools/info targeted towards Raptorlake + z69/790

NOTE for Z690: You must update ME on your Z690 to properly support raptorlake (if you are on dual bioses then you need to do this to both bioses)

1) d/l and install ME driver

2) update ME with ME Update Tool (I know there are newer versions but its not up on Asus official site yet so >= this version is fine)

3) update to Latest BIOS of your choice

Note 2 for Z690: i have some Z690s that are already LOW in battery so you are advised to use a new Battery during this upgrade.

New test bioses

Z690 Apex

Z690 Extreme

Z690 Hero

Z690 Hero Eva

Z690 Extreme Glacial

Z690 Formula

Z690 Strix E

Z690 Strix F

Z690 Strix G

Z690 Strix A WIFI D4

Z690 Strix A WIFI

Z690 Strix I

Z690 Creator

Z690 Prime A

Z690 Tuf

Z690 Tuf D4

Z690 Tuf WIFI

Z690 Tuf D4 WIFI


Z790 Extreme

Z790 Hero

Z790 Apex

Z790 Strix I

Z790 Strix F

Z790 Strix E

Z790 Strix A D4

Z790 Strix A

Z790 ProArt

Z790 Strix H

Z790 Prime A WIFI

Z790 Prime M Plus D4

Z790 Prime P

Z790 Prime P D4

Z790 Prime P WIFI

Z790 Prime P WIFI D4


Latest ocpak



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Funny 0080 was out well in advance of 801 final - and many said 801 is the final to 80.

I used 0070/0071 on the Apex Encore with 2x24GB 8000CL40 G.Skill 1.35v DDR5 sticks and a 13900KS SP113.  I'm now using 0080 and I feel like I can get slightly tighter timings and slightly better stability than 0070/0071. The only downside to 0080 is that it can take slightly longer to do memory training than 0070/0071. Other than that, I believe it's better.  I was stable at 8400 38-49-49-96, but after watching a recent Youtube video with a Patriot memory spokes person. They discussed how extra stress on the IMC can actually decrease gaming performance. Sure enough, I went back down to 8000 36-46-46-86 and my framerate avg and 1% lows went up a few fps in each area.  I also had this happen to me with 8400 CL36 vs CL38. the CL38 put less stress on the IMC and gave me much better framerates, than the CL36 8400.  Now 8000 CL36 seems to be my sweet spot.

PC Specs: 13900KS(P Core SP 123), Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore, G.Skill 2x24GB 8000(8400 CL38), Corsair Airflow RAM cooler(2x60mm fans), Gigabyte Gaming OC 4090 GPU, (2) Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSDs, Corsair AX1600i PSU, Thermaltake Toughliquid 420mm AIO w/ (6) Noctua 140mm Industrial 3000rpms fans, Corsair 1000D Super Tower Case.

i can concur on the - i found that my FPS  improved when I drop from 8000 to 7800 - but I also found after 4 hours of Karhul it failed and why I dropped it.  I never saw any crashes or other issues.  Seems there is some level of ECC occurring .

I am on 0071 - I have not moved to 801 final since I know many have had issues vs 0070/0071/0080.

What is the story on 0080 - is that the same as 801 final OR a newer build?

Level 9

Approximately when will the 1901 beta be launched?

Level 8

Could you add the MC test to Z790 ProArt please?

I use the ProArt because your other Mobos either dont have enough SATA ports or lack a 10Gb NIC.

Level 9

Apex Encore updated to latest 0081 test BIOS.

Level 10

Have the Asus BIOS team finished their work on the first Z790 boards (like the Strix-E Gaming), and is the current 1801 BIOS solid and bug free? I am still on 1402 btw.

Level 7

please bios link for Prime Z790M-Plus ddr5 version, thank you

PRIME Z790M-PLUS BIOS 1611 Version 1611    11.37 MB
"1. Improve system compatibility.
2. Support for USB4 PCIE GEN4 Card. "

Level 9

Any new Beta BIOS upcoming? Seems very quiet here.