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RaptorLake Resources


i will use this as a collection of test bioses/tools/info targeted towards Raptorlake + z69/790

NOTE for Z690: You must update ME on your Z690 to properly support raptorlake (if you are on dual bioses then you need to do this to both bioses)

1) d/l and install ME driver

2) update ME with ME Update Tool (I know there are newer versions but its not up on Asus official site yet so >= this version is fine)

3) update to Latest BIOS of your choice

Note 2 for Z690: i have some Z690s that are already LOW in battery so you are advised to use a new Battery during this upgrade.

New test bioses

Z690 Apex

Z690 Extreme

Z690 Hero

Z690 Hero Eva

Z690 Extreme Glacial

Z690 Formula

Z690 Strix E

Z690 Strix F

Z690 Strix G

Z690 Strix A WIFI D4

Z690 Strix A WIFI

Z690 Strix I

Z690 Creator

Z690 Prime A

Z690 Tuf

Z690 Tuf D4

Z690 Tuf WIFI

Z690 Tuf D4 WIFI


Z790 Extreme

Z790 Hero

Z790 Apex

Z790 Strix I

Z790 Strix F

Z790 Strix E

Z790 Strix A D4

Z790 Strix A

Z790 ProArt

Z790 Strix H

Z790 Prime A WIFI

Z790 Prime M Plus D4

Z790 Prime P

Z790 Prime P D4

Z790 Prime P WIFI

Z790 Prime P WIFI D4


Latest ocpak



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hey there! so i downloaded the bios and tested. 7600 gskill xmp1

before i couldnt get past 2 minutes in cpu occt avx2 test without 400+ errors. now i fully passed

i also passed tm5 absolut test as well. so whatever magic you did definitely made it stable. thank you!

before only xmp2 was stable

Did strix z790-A wifi D4 be optimized? my 14900k sp 104 and IMC is good,can 16G*2 b-die 4500MHZ in desktop,but even only 4000c15 16 16 36 stable use,I use from 1402-1703,seems didn't change anything,

and new ME need more cpu voltgle,before just need 1.208v,now 1.22v,do you have some suggestion for me?

Level 9

So I have somewhat of a request, For the Apex Encore.
So..... is there any way of adding a resume from sleep USB keyboard/mouse enable disable?
This is a feature that pretty much any motherboard I have ran except ASUS has.
My reason is due to my cat likes to step on my mouse or trip over my keyboard at 3am in the morning and since I never turn the PC off I get woke up sometimes when it powers up.

I know "just turn it off" but I hardly ever turn my pc completely off.

Level 7

Anyone know what's the 3Pin BIOS-Select for? (Near the two BIOS LEDs) 

Level 9

My z790 apex has no problem when upgrading from 1601 to 1071, but when upgrading from 1701 to 1703, both xmp i and ii will crash when playing games ⋯ Will there be a new bios version in a short time?

Level 7

Hope these beta versions help.

Level 8

I haven't been stable on any bios since 1402 8200 or any XMP, a shame but I appreciate all the work done by the Asus team. Hopefully, future bios can get even better than 1402 soon.

Level 9

On the OCTool the scaling is really bad on my 4k display with my display scale at 200%.
Anyone know a workaround for this?

Level 7

I have a Maximus Z790 Hero with an Alderlake 12900k CPU and don't have a Raptorlake CPU. Would this be an issue to still download and update my Bios with these Beta Bios Versions? If it is an issue for using an Alderlake CPU and not a Raptorlake CPU then is there an alternative to 'Raptorlake Resources' for me where I can download these Beta Bios Versions to use? Thank you!

Level 10

Z790 apex bios 1701

RAM stability seems the same as 1601.

getting alot of this in event viewer ": The embedded controller (EC) returned data when none was requested. The BIOS might be trying to access the EC without synchronizing with the operating system. This data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; however, you should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS."