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RAM Slots didnt work after tighten CPU Cooler and PC crashes from time to time

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I have built a custom computer myself and have very strange errors and currently do not know what to do.
Brief info about my hardware:
- Case Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL
- Mainboard Asus ROG Maximus Z790
- CPU Headed Intel i9-13900k
- CPU Cooler EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB - 1700
- RAM DDR5 2x 32GB Dominator Platinum
- GPU Cooler EK-Quantum Vector² Master RTX 4090
- Power supply Silverstone HELA 1200R Platinum
- Distro Plate EK-Mana G2 PC-O11D EVO DDC D-RGB
- Radiator 2x EK-Quantum Surface P360M - Black Edition
We were still waiting for a screwdriver from EK at the beginning for the 0.6 torque for the CPU block to not screw it too tight, so it ran about half tightened for about 2-3 weeks flawlessly, we didn't overclock anything but just standalone.
After that time the screwdriver came and I tightened it exactly to the specs, now all of a sudden sometimes the A1 and A2 slot didn't work, that's why we thought it was too tight.
Even after loosening it worked only sometimes and sometimes not, so I used for a while only 32GB in slot A2 error-free.
That's why I thought the A1 slot was defective and after using the A2 and B2 slots, the PC sometimes crashed while you were just in Windows or playing something, but it ran before that sometimes for weeks without problems.
I then updated everything possible and still had the same problems.
So it is a very sporadic problem.
After about two weeks only the slot B1 and B2 work and Dual Channel was no longer possible, I had resigned myself to it and was going to send the motherboard to the manufacturer next cleaning, only last week Sunday it was.
I gambled the whole weekend completely normal and suddenly nothing wanted more, the PC has crashed again and again and had said with 64GB RAM there would be no memory installed : QQ code error 55
Should I only have a stick in it and do a CMOS reset, the system booted again, but crashed after a short time in Windows or after starting a game, so I disassembled the system and sent it back to the manufacturer.
Unfortunately, they wrote me today that everything is fine and tested different RAM bars on all slots to different states of the system without problems.
The board has been there twice now and I don't know what to do, do you have any idea what the problem could be and what else I should send in for warranty?
Thank you for any tips and look forward to hearing from you!


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Hi there,

Since you've delidded the CPU and using a direct die frame, have you considered that you may have damaged the CPU?

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maybe yes but we want to test all other stuff first

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Hello all,
so I reassembled my PC and again the same problem.
Slot A1 and A2 do not work and get with 2x 32GB RAM in slot A2 and B2 the QQ code error 55 with no memory installed.
Now I have only 1x 32GB in SLot B2 inside and with that the PC boots, but let's see how long that works reliably.

I will now run a few tests and probably he lubricates directly again or only after 2 weeks.

Means if the motherboard it is not according to the distributor and I have already replaced the RAM and my RAM slots A1 and A2 do not work, it must be the CPU or?
So I should now order a new CPU?

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i ordered a new cpu and delidde them now, maybe it works after this or iam completly confused whats the problem.

Then maybe its a ****** motherboard with RAM Issues

Also have a very careful check for damaged pins in the socket or specks of dirt. Also check for damaged motherboard traces under the cooler mounting posts. Some people have suffered from such things in the past. 

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