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RAM not running at 3200 even after enabling XMP.

Level 9

Hoping someone can help me out as I'm at a loss.

I've gone through the posts and tried what has been suggested to fix the issue, but for some reason, I can't get my RAM to operate at the 3200 it's supposed to. (it's sitting at 2133).

So, I went into the Bios for my PRIME B760M-A D4 mobo, enabled XMP, checked in the AI Tweeker that it was selecting DDR4-3200, and that it's voltage was at 1.5.

Reboot and checked the dashboard in Armory Crate.  It shows DRAM (32GB & 2133) and the DRAM voltage is still showing at 1.2v.

Also, when I got back into the BIOS, it shows that is recognized the 3200, but only shows the 2133 in both channels.

According to everything I've read what I've done should have overclocked it to the correct values.

I've checked the bios, it's running the most current version - 1220

I've checked the chip, it's compatable - i5-13600K

I've checked the mobo, it's also compatable. (see above)

The RAM is G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4-3200 16GBx2.

I'm hoping that I'm just missing something easy and this can be fixed.  


I got another email from Asus yesterday.  He suggested installing the memory into A2/B2 which, if he'd looked at my screenshots, he would have seen that's where they are installed.  He also suggested dropping the speed to 3000Mhz.  I'm not doing anymore troubleshooting for them.

The fact that these "Asus" employees are so very bad at their jobs makes me wonder where the hell they are and what business they have doing tech support.

What annoys me is that since the memory speed and video problems don't exist with the 1205 BIOS, they clearly changed something in the 1220 version and that change carried over to the 1402 version.  Instead of asking me to do all this troubleshooting, they should be looking at the BIOS changes from 1205 to 1220 to see what could have affected the ability to run the XMP profile.   I could live with the memory speed issue but the no video after sleep is a deal killer for me. 

It's interesting that we have the same mobo but the 1402 fixed the memory speed problem for you but not for me.  We are both running G.Skill RAM though not the same part number.  My RAM is on the G.Skill list of tested memory for this board.