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Ram Errors after Driver Install

Level 8
Hey All,

I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere, I've looked for at least 2 hours so I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

As the title says, I'm noticing Ram errors post driver install. This is present on both the RoG Z690 and Z790 series boards that I've seen but is absent on any AMD boards, any other Asus (TUF/Prime) boards or any other manufacturers boards. Though I've not gotten hands on with a Z490/Z590, I've been made aware that this has been happening since then at least and it's also regardless of BIOS revisions

How I originally noticed this is that I'm installing and benchmarking multiple systems via a KVM, and the ram errors are showing in both Ram Test and Real Bench. After playing around trying to get a more specific answer, I've noticed that this doesn't happen prior to installing drivers and it's happening when inserting/removing USB devices.

I didn't test which driver in specific it was, but I know it's not the Intel Chipset drivers. I'm assuming it's the Serial IO drivers causing this due to it being triggered by USB devices... but I could be wrong.

Below I have 2 identical systems on a Z690 Strix-F boards with drivers and what I've seen on Ram Test. Don't want to bombard with a million screenshots so I've not taken them for the Real Bench errors.

System 1 Before Error

System 1 After Inserting USB

System 2 Before Error

System 2 After inserting USB

I think that's all of the context given, and I know that these errors aren't anything to be concerned about, just annoying... So, has anyone else noticed this or is able to recreate this? If so, is there something we can do to stop this from happening altogether?

Solutions will be most welcome and appreciated!

Managed to get around to testing which driver is causing this. Not the Serial IO as previously thought. It's actually the RAID drivers. As to why or how, still doesn't make sense
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