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Question: Z690 Maximus Formula with 13900K memory speeds

Level 7
I currently have a z690 Formula mother board with a 12900K paired with Team Group DDR5 @6400 CL40. Overclocking the memory has been a nightmare. *In fact, getting the XMP up and running with tighter timings was a labor love. I have seen some promising overclocks from switching to a z790 mother board and 13th gen CPU, well into the 7000 range on the same memory kits that wouldn’t budge above 6200 on a z690/12th gen combo.

My questions are:
1) Can I keep my z690 Mother board and upgrade just my CPU to take advantage of the improvements to the memory controller/speeds/stability? or is it a package deal?*

2)If I were to pair a 13900k with my existing z690 Board, what features would be unavailable to me? *And in everyday use, would I be able to tell? **

Thanks in Advance for any help that can be provided.*

Level 8
hi, i have a z690 Hero and a 13900k and in my experience I can barely overclock my memory. I have a gskill 6600 kit and I can get it to run at xmp just fine but I can't even overclock to 6800 even with looser timings. I can tighten my timings a little but not much. I was hoping to get the kit at least to 7000 but it's a no-go, not sure if it's the ram or the board...

Super Moderator

6400MT is the maximum validated frequency for the Z690 Extreme. For best chance of plug and play compatibility, opt for a kit on the QVL 1 or 2 ratios below maximum validation.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8
There is definitely a MASSIVE improvement with 13th gen and memory. While my board uses ddr4 swapping cpu's allowed for an instant 300mhz bump with the same exact timings and voltages