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Question about the Beta BIOS Versions for the Maximus Z790 Hero

Level 7

The thread 'RaptorLake Resources ' has Beta Bios Versions I want to download and try but what I am unclear about as I looked through the thread is if a RaptorLake CPU is absolutely necessary to have to be able to use the Beta Bios Versions?

So I have a Maximus Z790 Hero with an Alderlake 12900k CPU and don't have a Raptorlake CPU. What I am trying to know is if it will be an issue to still download and update my Bios with these Beta Bios Versions with an Alderlake CPU? If it is an issue for using an Alderlake CPU and not a Raptorlake CPU then is there some alternative to something similar to 'Raptorlake Resources' where I can download these Beta Bios Versions to use? I've been using BIOS 1202 as it's the only BIOS that is stable for me when using XMP while every BIOS Version after 1202 from the ASUS Website causes instability. So that's why I want to try these Beta BIOS Versions if possible.

Thank you!


Super Moderator


There won't be an issue, no. However, the changes are likely to relate largely to the newer CPUs. If overclocking is stable for your system on 1202 there's not really much need for you to upgrade.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Oh okay, thank you for clarifying if I was able to or not to try these Beta Versions though!

The only thing I enable is the XMP1 and left everything else at default on that page except svid on training. I want to try these newer Beta Bios Versions past 1202 and see if these versions can increase the performance and improve stability a bit more. If it causes issues or incompatibility then I have the ability to revert back to 1202 if it comes to it. I'm just a little deflated knowing that the BIOS Versions after 1202 on the ASUS Site just causes problems and am hoping that these Beta BIOS Versions be more stable and less problematic. Again, thank you for your help @Silent_Scone !