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Problems with XMP and Asus z790 hero

Level 7


Sorry for my English, I'm going to use a translator.

I have been fighting with my team for months, 13900k with Asus Maximus z790 hero.
I put some Gskill 2x16 7200cl34 memories and they rebooted me all the time with the Xmp profile.
With any of them.
I changed the kit several times, I even tried the same Corsair one, but same problem.
Now I have bought the Gskill 2x24 8000 cl40 and with the Xmp it doesn't even start.
At 7800 restart all the time and at 7600 it gives errors in memtest86 and is not stable, and I have it at 7200 cl40, which works well, but it is quite sad to be like this.
I updated the bios to the latest version, although I see that there is another one now.
Let's see if the pros can help me.


Level 10

If you look at the QVL, the Hero only supports up to 7600 DDR5 kits from Gskill so you probably won't have much luck getting the 8000 kit to work at that speed.  Now for the 7200 kit, is that a Kit that came with the 2 sticks or is it 2 single sticks?  They do have some 7200 2x16 kits on the QVL, but even that isn't a guarantee that it will run at that speed as the IMC in the CPU is a big factor in how fast you can clock your Ram.  For my situation, I have the z790 hero as well, 13900k cpu and the Gskill F5-7800J3646H16GX2-TZ5RK 2x16 7800 kit.  I can only run this kit at 7200, any faster and it starts spitting out errors in Memtest and causes freezes in Windoze.

Maybe some more information might get you some more answers.  What CPU are you running?  What is the SP Score, even better would be get your MC SP score.  You could also try out the XMP2 profile which has some relaxed timings.  I know this can be a pain, but its good practice to reset CMOS between changes when playing around with XMP and/or CPU overclocking settings.

Good luck!

Super Moderator

8000MT is very difficult on 2 DPC boards this gen. 

If you still have the 8000MT kit installed, set XMP II and reduce frequency to 7600. See if you're able to post and pass Memtest86 in BIOS.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 7

Hello again.
At some point Asus had the 8000 in the QVL on my board, but I no longer see them in 2x24 above 7600 cl36.
I don't know, I see that people move them well in the Apex, but I have problems.
Anyway, I have them at 7200 Cl40 and quite high latencies, let's see if you can tell me how to set the bios to leave those 7600 Cl36, because I tried to manually set the 7200 memories and the system didn't start anymore, I come from Gigabyte and the Asus Rog bios is quite extensive compared.
When I get home I look at the Sp, I think it was quite average, the Mc, how can I look at it?

Level 10

The Apex is a 2 DIMM slot board which is better for RAM overclocking vs a board with 4 DIMM slots.