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ProArt Z790 Creator WiFi bios support for higher capacity RAM

Level 7

I have seen posts about bios supporting 96gb (48x2) sticks of ram. I have my bios updated and posts fine with this configuration, but I'm wondering if in those updates it allowed for more ram overall, or if it only allowed for higher concentration in the dimms. I have 4 sticks of 48 6400mhz cl32 and my system won't post.


(I'm running a server on this board so yes I need this ram)


Level 7

Edit* all sticks are known to be good. I got it to post into safe mode where it said the ram was ddr5-3600. I have XMP on currently, but can't get to bios reliably to turn it off. I know I can pull some sticks to get to bios but I'd like to just get the thing to reliably run with the 4 sticks